set #5185 | 2/26/2016 | MagnetRank 0/10

metal plates with rivets

Dark metal plates with ornamental rivets.


black, gray, silver, dark, threadbare, block, segment, vertical, antique, gothic, metal, steel, panel, plate, rivet

.8178 DIFFUSE texture
metal plates with rivets .8178
size download dimensions Mpx file size
XS sign in 1213×990px 1.2 561.29 kB
S sign in 2099×1713px 3.6 1.29 MB
M sign in 2710×2212px 5.99 2.04 MB
L sign in 3429×2799px 9.6 3.07 MB
XL sign in 4372×3568px 15.6 4.61 MB
2XL sign in 4711×3845px 18.11 5.3 MB

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