set #174 | 11/11/2010 | MagnetRank 5/10

old damaged gable wall

old damaged gable wall from the interior of the house


dirty, threadbare, wood, window, old, plaster, wall, stone, gray, cracked, rural, classical, stucco

.299 DIFFUSE texture
old damaged gable wall .299
size download dimensions Mpx file size
XS sign in 993×1209px 1.2 654.68 kB
S sign in 1719×2093px 3.6 1.44 MB
M sign in 2219×2702px 6 2.22 MB
L sign in 2808×3419px 9.6 3.24 MB
XL sign in 3849×4687px 18.04 5.46 MB

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