set #93 | 5/8/2010 | MagnetRank 5/10

white plaster wall with window

white plaster wall with grilled window


graffiti, gray, light blue, white, dirty, light, new, painted, threadbare, block, segment, industrial, brick, concrete, metal, plaster, steel, bar, column, cornice, pillar, wall, window

.159 DIFFUSE texture
white plaster wall with  window .159
size download dimensions Mpx file size
XS sign in 1385×865px 1.2 436.14 kB
S sign in 2400×1499px 3.6 1.08 MB
M sign in 3098×1935px 5.99 1.6 MB
L sign in 3837×2397px 9.2 2.03 MB

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